Power inverters are now a necessity in companies looking for increased energy and reliability in their equipment. The problem, however, is that there are so many types of inverters to select from. Making the choice is no longer easy, especially for first-timers.

There are no longer just industrial power inverters or standard inverters on the market. There are also modular inverters you can consider to convert direct current or DC into alternating current or AC for the equipment.

Worth the extra money

Modular inverters may be a bit more expensive than standard inverters, but it’s worth paying the extra money. This is because these inverters are uniquely designed as not a single huge unit, but individual linked components or modules.

The benefit of this design is that you can add, or replace modules as required to change the configuration so that the inverter fits into unusual dimensions and your power requirements. It is also so much easier repairing modular inverters because you just have to replace the required module, instead of replacing the entire system.

All this is done without even shutting off the unit, which means that there’s no downtime or interruption of power to your equipment. This, in turn, proves why this is a cost-effective industrial power inverter.

Standard footprint

There’s another benefit to modular inverters that make it a popular choice with companies. It comes with a standardized footprint which means customers know how much of space they require for the unit.

And as the modules can be replaced if they get faulty, and added if you need more power, making these inverters cost-effective than customized owner inverters. The only situation where a customized power inverter makes sense is if your company has special power needs. Otherwise modular inverters should be more than sufficient to power most customers’ equipment.

Do your research

Once again, there are so many companies selling all types of industrial power inverters. Some sell all types of inverters, and some specialize only in a single type like modular inverters. You need to choose after doing research like reading customer testimonials and review, and not buy the first unit you come across.