Many people vouch that the AC power industrial inverter is synonymous to a blessing in disguise. Why? Well it is what provides your other devices with an alternative power source during a power outage.

And unfortunately, power outages occur when you least expect it, but when you need them the most. So AC inverters work out to be exceptional at providing you with an alternative power source when you need electricity the most.

As any other electrical device, AC power industrial inverters do not face many problems if treated well. But there is always the chance of some issues cropping up, like noise issues.

So if you hear some strange sounds, like a high-pitched sound, then it may indicate some issue. It should not be ignored because it may indicate a bigger problem that needs resolving.

Here are some types of noises you may hear from your AC inverters, and its possible triggers and how you can stop it.

1.   Unusual beeping sounds

AC inverters may give different beeping sounds that mean that the inverter has some other problems.

  • For example, if you can hear four beeps every half a minute, then it means the inverter is running on its battery.
  • If there is a single or two beeps, then it indicates that the battery has been incompletely switched on. If this happens, it is better to switch off the unit, and switch it on once again after a while.
  • In case of quick beeps every minute for 4 to 5 hours, it means that the battery needs replacement.
  • And if there is a single beep that keeps repeating every five seconds, then it is a sign of low voltage. There is nothing much you can do now, but it is better to call your technician anyway.

2.   Reduced battery capacity

Another reason for the strange sounds from your AC inverters may be a weak battery. Most inverters make sounds to inform you about the decreasing battery levels, and to remind you that the inverter needs charging.

So there lies the solution; charging the inverter for some time.

You can then switch it on once again to find out if there is still some noise. If you can no longer hear any sounds, then it means that you have found a solution.

However if there are still some unusual sounds, then it is better to contact your Exeltech technician. They will be able to assess the problem, and decide on the best solution.

3.    Short or reduced battery cables

A short battery cable is usually the reason for inverter noise problems. A short cable can trigger a low voltage drop and a consequent very loud, high-pitched sound.

The sound is in fact to remind you that you that the battery cable needs to be changed at the earliest.

So this is a sound that you cannot ignore. You have to ask your Exeltech technician to change cables as soon as possible. You will need a cable that is long enough to connect the inverter to your devices.  

And in case you want to stop the sound on your own, the best way to do it is by switching off the AC inverter.

In short, even if you tried to resolve the problems using the above mentioned solutions. And the inverter still gives beeping sounds, and then it is better to call your Exeltech technician to check the battery setup and cables.

They may even have to check the connections to ensure there are no loose connections.

You basically should not ignore any unexpected sounds the AC inverter emits. Try to resolve the problem immediately, or have your technician take a look at it.