If you need to purchase power inverters, it is important not to buy the first inverters that you come across as you search the web. Power inverters are similar to automobiles: they fall under the umbrella of a certain type of product, but there are several characteristics that can separate one power inverter from another. Before you purchase a certain type of inverter, it is essential to consider the following factors that will help you determine exactly the type of hardware you need.

Application for the Equipment

The first thing to establish is how the equipment will be used. For example, if you need inverters for conducting solar power into Alternating Current (AC), you would want to acquire a solar inverter. Likewise, if you need an inverter to connect to the power grid, you would want to choose a grid tie inverter. Exeltech will help you select the right inverter for the application.

Conditions in the Operating Environment

The environment in which an inverter will operate has a major impact on the type of equipment you need, particularly in terms of construction grade and product certifications. For example, if an inverter is used in an industrial environment that features adverse operating conditions, you should probably choose an industrial grade power inverter that has a NEBS Level 3 certificate.

NEBS Certifications

If you need an inverter that has a NEBS certificate, be sure to choose a product that has the right level of certification. NEBS Level 1 and NEBS Level 2 inverters are primarily used for product testing and placement in environments that don’t have adverse operating conditions. These models would be a bad choice if you need equipment that stands up to tough conditions.

Electrical Load Rating

If an inverter has a load rating that is lower than the electrical load it must support, the equipment is likely to prematurely fail during service and require a replacement. This potentially costly scenario can be avoided by selecting power inverters that have the appropriate load rating for the final application. If the load is unusually large, you made need to invest in a custom inverter.

Opportunity for Technical Support

Unless you or your organization have an in-depth understanding of how to choose, implement, and maintain power inverters, you may need the seller to provide some assistance in these areas. At Exeltech, we provide technical support that helps customers address these concerns. Whether you are a facility manager or a private individual, you have access to technical support.

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