The first solar panels were created over four decades ago, but their inefficiency made them unpopular with all but the most committed users of green energy at a time when green energy wasn’t popular. That a single panel could cost hundreds of dollars at a time when this amount of money represented a significant equipment investment didn’t help the sales of the panels, either. It would take a few decades for solar panels to achieve current rates of solar power conversion.

Better Technology

Since the 1960s, solar panels have steadily increased in efficiency and become more affordable relative to the payoff from harnessing solar energy for residential, commercial, and industrial use. The first commercially available solar panels converted about 8 percent of solar energy into usable electricity. Today, the best panels convert about 20 percent of solar power into electricity.

Harnessing Energy

The sun is a free source of energy, but harnessing its energy requires more than just solar panels. It also requires a power inverter to be installed on the power line between solar panels and the electrical system. With power inverters in place, Direct Current (DC) solar energy is converted into sinusoidal Alternating Current (AC) like the kind that utility providers deliver.

Choosing Equipment

Before you order an inverter for your solar installation, it is important to identify a model that offers the load capacity and product certifications you need. Exeltech offers a variety of power inverters that are are suitable for solar installations. If you can’t find an inverter that meets your power needs, we can create a custom product that is specifically designed for your building.

Contact Exeltech

Powering a building or a complex of buildings with solar energy is a great way to reduce utility costs over the long-term. Our power inverters provide the technology you need to convert solar energy into usable electricity, and are available with special product certifications that denote the equipment’s areas of use. If you need power inverters for solar installations, our online store is the place to find them. Visit us online and browse through our selection of inverters today.