Most equipment that serves commercial and industrial work environments is powered off before it’s cleaned for scheduled maintenance. However, there are times when equipment needs to be cleaned while in an energized state to support productivity. When it comes to cleaning energized power inverters, there are four steps you can take to ensure a thorough cleaning, preserve the functionality of the inverters, and protect maintenance workers who perform the cleaning job.

1. Use Dielectric Cleaner

A dielectric material essentially acts as a buffer that prevents the transmission of electricity through a process known as dielectric polarization. When you use dielectric spray cleaner to remove soils from energized parts, the cleaner prevents electricity from conducting through the stream of solvent and delivering a strong electrical shock to the maintenance worker.

2. Use Aerosol Cleaner

Aerosol cleaner is ideal for cleaning precision parts due to the uniformity of its distribution across parts and its ability to efficiently, fully coat components of power inverters that have complex geometries. Aerosol cleaner for specific or general cleaning operations is available by the bottle, or in large cylinders that are priced wholesale for parties that use a high volume of solvent.

3. Use No Residue Cleaner

Using a cleaner that leaves a residue is a bad idea because the residue can attract dirt and grime, which leads to performing the cleaning operation more frequently than would be necessary if a non-residue solvent were used. There are plenty of industrial grade, aerosol dielectric cleaners that are residue-free, with multiple options available for online purchase.

4. Use HAP-free Cleaner

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) to be dangerous to humans and the environment. Short term exposure to HAPs can cause temporary ailments such as upset stomach and dizziness. Long term exposure can cause nerve damage and potentially cancer. For a list of EPA regulated HAPs, see the organization’s List of Lists.

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