Bell Labs created Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certifications in the 1970s to help standardize electrical equipment that is implemented in the Central Offices (COs) of Regional Bell Operating Centers (RBOCs). Today, NEBS Level 3 certification is used in the telecommunications industry and beyond to denote electrical equipment that is designed to withstand adverse operating conditions, such as the ones listed below, among others.

Heavy Vibration

Heavy vibration may not incapacitate an electrical device immediately. However, over the course of its exposure to the vibration, the device can easily develop loose parts that eventually fall apart and cause it to malfunction. Power inverters that contain NEBS Level 3 certification are specifically designed to operate under moderate to heavy vibration on a regular basis.

Airborne Contaminants

Airborne contaminants such as toxic chemicals and vaporized Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can be just as harmful to electrical equipment as they are to humans and animals. Power inverters that lack NEBS Level 3 certification can easily develop internal corrosion, exterior corrosion, and residue buildup on parts due to exposure to airborne contaminants.

Abnormal Temperatures

Most standard electrical equipment is designed to operate under normal temperatures. High temperatures cause the equipment to overheat or shut off due to an internal thermometer reading. Cold temperatures can also incapacitate the equipment. Power inverters that have  NEBS Level 3 certification are specially designed to withstand abnormal temperatures.

High Moisture

High moisture is slow killer of standard electrical equipment, primarily because it invades part housings and gears, causing the metal in these areas to slowly oxidize and weaken. After enough oxidation occurs, oxidized parts can break and cause the equipment to malfunction. Power inverters that have NEBS Level 3 certification are designed to withstand high moisture.

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