Not all power inverters are made equal. Consequently, it is important to understand the criteria for selecting an inverter for your facility. There thousands of power inverters to choose from; however, when you refer to the criteria below, choosing the right equipment becomes significantly easier. If you need additional assistance with selecting an inverter, contact the specialists at Exeltech, who have over a decade of experience working with inverters.

Load Capacity

What is the load capacity the inverter will serve? If you underestimate the size of the load, the inverter is likely to fail during service at some point. On the flipside, investing in an inverter that offers too much capacity results in overspending. If you don’t have electricians onsite that can determine your building’s load capacity, hire a third party electrician to perform the task.

Electrical Equipment

In terms of electrical current, what type of equipment will the inverters serve? Can the equipment operate while receiving a modified sine wave, or must it receive a pure sine wave to operate at peak efficiency? Equipment that requires a pure sine wave displays the effects of harmonic distortion when it receives a modified sine wave, and often uses more energy than normal.

Special Certifications

Depending on its area of application, and the geographical area where it is stationed, an inverter may need several certifications, such as a Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) certificate, a Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) certificate, or a TUV — TL9000 certificate. Exeltech will help you determine if your inverter needs special certifications.

Construction Grade

The construction grade of an inverter determines the general environment it is created for: residential, commercial, or industrial. Using an industrial model in a residential setting can be needlessly expensive, while using a residential model in an industrial setting will likely cause the device to fail. Be sure to determine its grade of construction before you buy an inverter.

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The type of power inverters you implement has a direct bearing on how the inverters perform, as well as how the equipment the inverters serve performs. Load capacity, electrical equipment, special certifications, and construction grade are four basic criteria to consider when selecting an inverter. If you need additional assistance choosing the right inverter models for your facility, contact the specialists at Exeltech at (800) 886-4683, or use our contact form.