There are several types of sine wave inverters, of which true sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters are the most popular models. Each of these sine wave inverters has advantages and potential disadvantages that one should consider before making a purchase. In this entry, we focus on the pros and cons of a true sine wave inverter’s closest cousin, a modified sine wave inverter, which produces an altered version of a true sine wave.

Pro: Cost Effective

Modified sine wave inverters typically cost less than true sine wave inverters, as the technology they possess is more cost effective to produce. If the equipment an inverter will serve can run on modified sine wave current, you may as well save money and buy a modified sine wave inverter.

Con: Harmonic Distortion

A high level of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) can create noticeable problems in the operation of certain electronics, such as televisions, computers, speakers, and fluorescent lighting ballasts. When powering sensitive electronics, true sine waves inverters are the best choice.

Pro: Perfect for Equipment that Runs on Non-Sinusoidal Current

Before you buy an inverter, examine the characteristics of the load to determine whether a true sine wave inverter is needed, or a modified sine wave inverter would work just as well. If the load can run on non-sinusoidal current, save money by buying a modified sine wave inverter.

Con: May Cause Some Equipment to Wear Prematurely

When equipment that requires a pure sine wave receives a modified sine wave instead, it operates inefficiently, exerting more effort than should be necessary to achieve the desired result. Consequently, the equipment can age prematurely and unexpectedly fail during service.

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