The vast majority of inverters that are sold in the U.S. feature conventional capabilities that meet the needs of wide range of end users. But there are also situations in which a readymade inverter does not meet a company’s needs. In these situations, the best option is often to purchase a custom inverter. Before a company purchases a custom inverter, it should become familiar with the common pros and cons of investing in a piece of custom equipment.

Pro: Designed to Meet Specific Needs

Companies naturally need a guarantee that an inverter will properly serve their electricity conduction needs. Having an inverter manufacturer design a custom inverter for your company is the best way to ensure that its electricity conduction needs will be properly addressed.

Con: May Cost More Than Standard Equipment

It isn’t uncommon for custom inverters to cost more than standard models. However, if standard models have failed to meet your company’s needs, investing in custom equipment is likely to be the most cost effective, hassle-free solution — a solution that can be implemented long-term.

Pro: Can Help Increase Cost Savings

The extra expense associated with purchasing a custom inverter can be a blessing in disguise. Some companies spend several thousands of dollars on a revolving door of inverters that don’t meet their needs. In the end, opting for custom equipment can be a smart financial option.

Con:  May not be Transferrable to Another Building

Because a custom inverter is designed to meet the demands of a particular electrical infrastructure, it may be impossible to transfer it to another building that has different demands. By extension, it may also be difficult to sell the device when you are ready for a new one.

Pro: May Have Longer Lifespan Than Standard Equipment

Using an inverter that isn’t the best fit for your company’s electrical infrastructure can cause the device to have a shorter than normal lifespan. For example, a standard inverter that is not designed to carry the load it receives can overheat and prematurely fail during service.

Con: Limited Maintenance and Repair Options

The manufacturer of a custom inverter should have no problem servicing the equipment, but the same may not be true of companies that aren’t familiar with the device’s unique design. If you buy a custom model, you may need to receive maintenance services from the manufacturer.

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