Are you thinking of investing in an inverter anytime soon? If yes, you are at the right place. With umpteen inverter options available, you will have some doubts. Before investing in any inverter, the solution lies in considering various factors like cost, use efficiency, etc. 

Here we have discussed the two popular inverters, sine wave and modified sine wave inverters. And have explained when pure sine wave inverters are necessary and where you can use modified sine wave inverters.

Most electronic equipment does work smoothly with modified sine wave inverters. This makes you wonder if you should invest in industrial power inverters.

Read on to find your answer:

Main differences between modified and pure sine wave inverters

1. Efficiency 

Modified sine wave inverters are not very efficient because there is some energy loss at conversion time. On the contrary, sine wave or industrial power inverters can efficiently power electronic devices without energy loss.

2. Harmonic distortions

While modified inverters produce harmonic distortions while powering equipment, pure sine wave inverters do not have such interference. 

Do you require pure sine wave inverters?

Before purchasing sine wave inverters, you need to ask yourself some essential questions. These include:

  • Does the device you want to operate have a motor?
  • Are you going to power sensitive equipment like medical equipment?
  • Does the device use a rectifier?
  • Can you power your appliance using a DC adapter?

If your answer is yes to either of the first two questions, you need a pure sine wave inverter. 

And if your answer is yes for either of the last two questions, you may not be requiring these modular inverters. Instead, you can go for a modified sine wave inverter. 

When is a pure sine wave inverter necessary?

While modified inverters power most of the devices, there are certain cases where it is inefficient and causes damage. In such cases, you essentially require a sine wave inverter. For example:

  • Most electronic devices that use AC motors, such as microwave ovens, compressors, refrigerators, etc., can run efficiently only with pure sine wave inverters. 
  • They can also operate on modified sine wave inverters, but not that efficiently. They generate excessive heat causing probable damage to the appliance.
  • For those using a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, especially the one with a heated humidifier, you again need industrial power inverters to power it. It will prevent any potential damage to the unit. 

The manufacturers of CPAP units also recommend using these sine wave inverters.

When are pure sine wave inverters not required?

Specific equipment and devices don’t require sine wave inverters for efficient operation. Instead, you can conveniently power them using a modified sine wave inverter. For example, those electronic devices employ rectifiers to transform AC to DC.

Benefits of sine wave inverters over modified inverters

Here are some significant benefits of sine wave inverters that can help you select the inverter more conveniently:

  • They provide a cleaner and better power supply.
  • They produce negligible harmonic distortions. 
  • Inductive loads such as motors and microwaves run quieter, cooler, and faster.
  • They prevent unnecessary noise in printers, monitors, and sudden crashes in your computer.
  • They reduce audible and irritating noise from electronic devices like fans, TV, audio amplifiers, etc.
  • Reliably powers all equipment that you cannot power using modified sine wave inverters.
  • They minimize your power loss at the time of change over.
  • They prevent any damage to sensitive appliances because there are no voltage fluctuations in the current they produce. 

When and why you need sine wave inverters must be clear by now. Get the best industrial power inverters for your home or commercial use from Exeltech. One of the promising inverter manufacturing companies that help you select suitable modular inverters for your use.