Pure sine inverters use the help of sophisticated technology to convert power to the necessary power found in homes and offices. They play an important part in protecting all your sensitive equipment from power surges, which is why they have to always be working in excellent condition.

Like anything else, inverters also age, and with this aging process, their power conversion abilities may also reduce or fail. This is why you need to know how to assess and determine the status of these modular inverters so that you will be able to detect and fix any problem before the unit fails.

You can use the help of the owners’ manual and if needed, also use the following tips to test your industrial power inverters. This way you needn’t worry about voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Regular maintenance checkups

All electronic equipment, including modular inverters, should be periodically serviced. This is because, most of the time, it is usually some internal problem that trigger inverter problems.

It’s through regular maintenance that service personnel will check and ensure all the unit’s connections are safe and intact. They will also check the plastic harnesses connecting wires and ensure there are no cracks or breakages on the wire coatings.

Infrared inspections

Though expensive, infrared scanning proves helpful at identifying the different spots of the inverter prone to mechanical failure. However, the procedure is quick and completed by an infrared technician within a day. This lets you immediately take the necessary preventive measures before the problem gets worse and costs more to repair.

Inspection by inverter professional

While it may seem to be bit expensive, inverter specialists are competent at examining and detecting possible problems in modular inverters and industrial power inverters.

This helps reduce downtime but it is important that you also get a signed written statement from them specifying the parts and inverters checked and the results of their examination.