If your company needs an inverter that will play a crucial role in the electrical system, it is important to do some investigative work to ensure that you buy equipment that meets your needs. In doing so, it helps to ask inverter manufacturers some pointed questions about their products. By asking inverter manufacturers the following questions, you can get an educated idea about whether a manufacturer offers the type of inverter model your company needs.

What applications do your inverters support?

Some inverters can be used for special applications, such as converting solar power to Alternating Current (AC), connecting a structure’s electrical system to the power grid, and performing reliably under adverse operating conditions. The key is to know what application you need the inverter to support, and then ask the manufacturer if it offers the right inverter model.

Do you provide maintenance, or must I use a third party?

Before they buy an inverter, many companies smartly look ahead, and plan for how the equipment will be maintained over the course of its lifespan. Some inverter manufacturers do perform maintenance and repairs on their products. However, receiving these services from the manufacturer is often more expensive than receiving them from a third party service provider.

Is the manufacturing process performed completely in house?

Some manufacturers have a complex production process that involves the participation one or more third party providers. While there is nothing inherently wrong with inverters that are produced using the services of more than one party, inverters that are manufactured in house allow the manufacturer to exert a higher level of quality control over the equipment it produces.

Do your products have have a NEBS Level 3 certificate?

Some inverters — particularly ones that have a NEBS Level 3 certificate — are designed to operate under adverse conditions, such as heavy vibration and airborne contaminants in the operating environment. If you need an inverter that can withstand such conditions, it is essential to identify a manufacturer whose power inverters are certified for NEBS Level 3.

Can you create a custom inverter if that is what I need?

The are several reasons why a company may need a custom inverter, including: a large electrical load that the equipment must support, special conditions in the operating environment that require the equipment to have a reinforced shell, and special applications for which no inverter exists. Ideally, you should choose a manufacturer that can create custom designs.

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