Rack mount inverter accessories are similar to rack mount accessories for IT hardware. Equipment is securely mounted in a place that offers the most convenience for maintenance workers and provides a high level of protection for the equipment. But these aren’t the only benefits you get from our rack mount accessories. Check out the additional advantages below.

1. More Placement Options

Using rack mount accessories gives you more options for installing an inverter. For example, an inverter can be side mounted on a piece of equipment on an assembly line — an option that’s difficult without a rack mount assembly. Other placement options include mounting the inverter on the underside of equipment and mounting it inside equipment housing that offers enough room and ventilation.

2. Additional Floor Space

Especially for entities that have limited floor space for work operations, one of the main benefits of rack mounting any type of equipment is increased floorspace. One of the main functions of rack mounting is to lift equipment off of the floor, and mount it at a height that’s safer for the inverter and easier for maintenance workers to reach. Additional floor space is a side benefit.

3. Simplified Maintenance

In some cases, inverters are installed in small spaces (a narrow gap between two pieces of assembly line equipment, for example) that makes them hard to access for scheduled maintenance. When an inverter is placed in a rack mount, it can be accessed with less hassle. Use rack mounts to make inverter maintenance more efficient and support productivity.

4. Easy to Swap Out

Just as using rack mounts makes it easier to access inverters for maintenance, it makes it easier to swap out old inverters with new ones. Most industrial grade inverters have a long lifespan, but they eventually need replacement. When the time comes to make the swap, rack mounting makes it easier to replace old equipment. Just remove the inverter from the rack.

Need Rack Mount Inverter Accessories?

If so, why not get them from an inverter manufacturer that understands the operation of inverters from all angles? At Exeltech, we put our expertise in inverter manufacturing into producing rack mount inverter accessories that deliver the benefits above, among others.

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