Most companies and organizations that need power inverters focus on the specs of an inverter, not the practices of the company that manufactured it. However, the quality of inverter specs is largely determined by inverter manufacturers.

Below are questions that our customers frequently ask regarding inverter manufacturers, and the types of products they produce.

Do manufacturers fall into groups based on the inverters they offer?

Yes. There are several classifications that distinguish inverter manufacturers. For those who are purchasing their first inverter, three classifications matter most: manufacturers of residential inverters, manufacturers of commercial inverters, and manufacturers of industrial inverters.

It’s important to match your required inverter specs with the right manufacturer.

What kind of warranty will I receive for an industrial power inverter?

It depends on which inverter manufacturers you shop at. Many manufacturers offer a dismal warranty of just a few weeks or months — a period of time in which something is highly unlikely to wong with the device.

At Exeltech, we go further, offering a full one-year warranty that entitles you to a replacement, if something goes wrong with the inverter during normal use.

Is it important to buy from a manufacturer instead of a vendor?

Inverter sellers that perform manufacturing in-house usually know more about their products than vendors that simply supply the equipment.

However, if you know power inverters like the back of your hand, you may be positioned to make your own assessment, without the help of the manufacturer. Otherwise, it’s best to receive pre-sale support from the manufacturer before you buy.

Will a manufacturer offer product certifications I need for an inverter?

It depends on the manufacturer. Some offer almost no meaningful certifications, others offer a few certifications that are moderately useful, while others offer the certifications you would expect from an industrial grade manufacturer (e.g., NEBS Level 3, RoHS, TUV – TL 9000).

If you need a special certification, ask the seller whether the certification is available before you buy. In addition, request proof of certification to be sent along with the product you buy.

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