Starting a factory is no easy feat. You have to invest in so many things- the right equipment, people, and know-how to run your business. With the right equipment, you also need to invest in the best AC power industrial inverters.


It’s to ensure your equipment lasts and serves you for as long as required. Inadequate maintenance and frequent power outages are some of the reasons for equipment failure. A regular maintenance regimen can help prolong the life of your machinery. 

About frequent power outages, that’s where your AC inverters help. 

The suitable inverters maintain a continual power supply to your machinery even during a power outage. You sometimes won’t even realize there’s a power outage. 

But of course, you need to invest in suitable inverters for this to happen. You need to select an inverter to provide the backup power you require to continue powering your equipment during power outages. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the equipment and unnecessary downtime to maximize your earnings and profit. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about the AC power inverter to buy. Here are some secrets which will help you make a worthy choice.

1. Right purpose

Don’t just buy the first inverter you set your eyes on. There are mainly three types of inverters meant for residential, commercial, and industrial use. If you are looking for emergency backup of your industrial equipment, you need to buy AC power industrial inverters.

2. Make some calculations

Buy an inverter that will be able to power your equipment. You need to decide if it has to power everything or a few pieces of machinery. Once you know this, add the individual wattage of each piece of equipment.

The total tells you how much backup power your inverter should provide. There’s no point in buying a smaller inverter that will not power all your equipotent.

It’s also an unnecessary wastage to invest in a large inverter. 

3. Warranty

Even inverters may cause problems with time. That’s why you need to check the warranty of your inverters. Buy inverters with more extended warranty periods than a few weeks or months.

It’s doubtful that the inverter will give problems in a few weeks or months. At least invest in inverters providing a full one-year replacement warranty like Exeltech offers. 

4. Product certification

Ask for the inverter certification because some manufacturers offer impractical certificates and others useful ones. This is especially important if you are looking for inverters with a specific certification. 

5. Pre-sale support

As the name suggests, this is the support the inverter manufacturer offers before you buy your inverter. Companies like Exeltech offer the excellent pre-sale sport. They help you choose your inverter based on different inverter models and aspects. 

This is primarily a must for you if you don’t know much about AC inverters. You may end up spending more on unnecessary features in an inverter without adequate pre-sale information, knowledge, and support. 

6. Running and peak watts

While you should know your wattage requirements before buying your inverter, there’s something else you need to know. Inverter manufacturers tend to advertise their ware based on the unit’s peak output and not the result it’s designed to support with time. 

This is necessary because most appliances need a surge of energy about twice their standard requirements when starting. That’s why it’s better to find out your average watt usage and add 20-25% to that to determine how big an inverter you should buy. 

7. Display

It’s always better to buy inverters with an LCD showing the battery’s current state and power draw from the cord. It lets you easily monitor your battery drain and know when the battery needs recharging. 

Thanks to these seven secrets, selecting the best AC power industrial inverter for your emergency power needs is so much easier.