Like other types of complex electrical equipment, power inverters require scheduled maintenance and occasional repairs. Unless the user’s in-house maintenance personnel perform the work, there are two basic service options: Have the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) do the job, or outsource maintenance and repairs to a third party. Below, we evaluate both options using criteria that applies to practically all end users.

1. Equipment Downtime

If you simply can’t afford to wait for a long stretch of hours before an inverter repair is performed, using the inverter manufacturer is the best option. An OEM expedites repairs in three respects: arriving on-site quickly (often within two hours), having trained product technicians perform the work, and immediate availability of repair parts.

2. Availability of Repair Parts

Having a third party perform repairs to your inverters is like taking your car to an independent mechanic instead of the auto dealership. The mechanic may not have the parts you require, but the dealership almost certainly does. When you use an inverter manufacturer for repairs, the late model parts you need are always in stock. After all, the manufacturer uses the parts on the production line.

3. Support for Legacy Equipment

OEMs typically perform maintenance on equipment they currently sell and not on legacy equipment that was produced several years ago. The reason why is fairly simple: Staffing enough full-time technicians to service all equipment that’s still in use often delivers a lower return on investment (ROI) than having technicians focus on servicing newer inverter models.

Third party service is the way to go — and often the only way to go — if you operate a legacy inverter system.

4. Cost of Service

When it comes to cost of service, using a third party instead of the inverter manufacturer almost always delivers the best price. If you can deal with inverter downtime for a few days while repair parts are on order, you could save quite a bit over the lifespan of your inverters by using a third party service provider.

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