Inverters are like other types of electricity conduction equipment: they must be serviced on a scheduled basis in order to maintain top performance. That inverters need maintenance is well-known, but deciding on a maintenance provider can be a bit challenging.

Many companies decide to let the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) perform maintenance operations, as it would seem to have the greatest understanding of its products. Is this a good option for your company? The points listed below can help you make the decision.

Cost of Service

OEMs often charge more to perform equipment maintenance than third party IT firms that specialize in performing the same type of maintenance. If you have a generous IT budget and cost isn’t an issue, using an inverter manufacturer for maintenance is a fine option. However, if you need to cut costs, having an independent third party perform maintenance may be the best option.

Quality of Parts

When OEMs perform maintenance and repair operations that require parts replacement, they typically use parts that were originally designed for the equipment, not third party parts whose quality is difficult to determine. Again, if you can afford to use an inverter manufacturer to perform maintenance, doing so is a good idea in terms of the quality of the components you receive.

Response Time

OEMs often take longer to respond to maintenance requests than third party IT firms for two reasons: They primarily specialize in improving the manufacturing process instead of refining the maintenance process, and many OEMs provide maintenance services to thousands of customers, which can make it difficult for the company to provide an accurate response time.

Quality of Service

Most OEMs provide excellent service quality when working with their proprietary products, as they tend to know the products inside and out, and exhibit a higher level of technical expertise than some third party IT services. When a company uses an OEM for maintenance after the free maintenance period ends, it is typically because they trust the provider’s technical expertise.

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