Sine wave inverters are inverters working with the most common form of AC waveform – sine waves, which differ from the elapsed time’s sine. There are two types of sine wave inverters– modified and true versions where the modified ones provide fluctuating output voltages and can power only some energy loads.

Pure sine waves easily and quickly start motor loads and don’t heat much because of their reduced harmonics. These inverters are a better choice if you are using machines that run according to the manufacturer’s specifications and run only on true sine waves. Examples are medical equipment, variable speed motors, laser printers and motor driven printers.

Sine wave inverter advantages and customization

Pure sine wave inverters also offer various advantages like preventing monitor problems, reducing noise in answering machines, TVs, and fluorescent lights and help microwaves cook quickly.

They also make machines and appliances last longer with improved working efficiency as there is not much overheating. They also reduce the noise produced in telecommunications equipment and run motors with reduced heat but at the right speed.

It’s generally possible to divide these sine wave inverters into two categories- stock inverters meant of various user requirements and custom inverters that address specific requirements.

It’s possible to customize sine wave power inverters for different purposes mentioned below.

  • Withstands heavy impacts

These inverters are built to work in environments where there’s a chance of something heavy unexpectedly falling on them, and still be able to withstand the impact.

  • Prevents accumulation of particles

Sine wave inverters are built to work in industrial environments where products are manufactured and there’s a high chance of airborne particles collecting on important parts like electrical contacts that affect the working of the equipment. These customized inverters prevent any possible threat caused by the accumulation of metal shavings, wood dust, packing fibers, etc. in machines.

  • Not noisy

Though industrial grade inverters are relatively silent, sine wave inverters are perfect to use in environments where there should be minimal noise, like in hospital recovery units.

So if you too need sine wave inverters for your business or industry, just visit us for more information. We can create customized inverters to match your business needs and requirements.