In 1998, QuEST Forum, an organization that identifies itself as a “global association of companies dedicated to impacting the quality and sustainability of products and services in the ICT [Information and Communication Technology] industry” developed TL 9000 certification as a quality management program that focuses on “supply chain directives throughout the international telecommunications industry, including the USA” (Wikipedia).

The University of Texas at Dallas administers the program, providing free reports on telecommunications equipment defect tracking and other important measurements to TL 9000 member companies. If you operate a telecommunications company that is in the market for sine wave power inverters, there are several advantages to purchasing equipment from a TL 9000 certified seller and, moreover, qualifying your own company for TL 9000 certification.

1. Continual Service Improvement

Information made available through the TL 9000 program helps member companies continually improve products and services that are associated with equipment and services used for telecommunications purposes. When you buy power inverters from us, you receive products that are manufactured based on the latest information from the TL 9000 program.

2. Protection of Telecom Products

Because the TL 9000 program performs equipment defect tracking, members of the program that sell sine wave power inverters are poised to deliver equipment that functions well from day one to the end of its lifespan. These are the type of high-quality power inverters that you receive when you make Exeltech your trusted supplier of sine wave power inverters.

3. No Multiple Management Standards

The TL 9000 program is designed to deliver a single management standard for telecommunications equipment and services. Referring to a single management standard makes it easier for TL 9000 members to improve their products in a timely, orderly fashion, ensuring that customers receive products that meet the latest quality standards.

4. Provides a Competitive Advantage

The four TL 9000 certification benefits above combine to give members of the TL 9000 program a competitive edge over companies that aren’t members. Simply put, purchasing power inverters from a TL 9000 program member, such as Exeltech, makes it easier for your own company to reap the crucial benefits of TL 9000 program compliance.

Need Sine Wave Power Inverters?

Exeltech makes it easy to implement sine wave power inverters that comply with the latest standards from the TL 9000 program. We remain in good standing with the latest TL 9000 program information at all times. If you run a telecommunication outfit that needs TL 9000 compliant power inverters, we’re an excellent option for acquiring the equipment.

To learn about additional benefits of TL 9000 certification for your company and companies from which it receives products and services, please call us today at (800) 886-4683, or complete the contact form on our website. We look forward to supporting your telecommunication-based inverter needs!