One of the more critical devices you find in most industries is the AC power industrial inverters. It provides an essential backup power option during those unexpected power outages. it in turn helps ensure there’s minimal downtime, and maximum productivity in any business.

Most of them work well for quite some time, with proper care and maintenance. However, sometimes, wear and tear can lead to AC inverters emitting some beeping noise.

Yes, the strange, unusual noises from the inverter and high-pitched alarming sounds are all signs of some inverter issue. It’s something that shouldn’t be neglected as it can indicate some more profound problems.

Knowing the causes of the noise helps you prevent them in the first place. It also gives you an idea of what you can do to immediately stop the sound.

1. Wrong battery cable size

An insufficient battery cable size is a common reason for noisy inverters.

It’s because improper or inadequate cables lead to a voltage drop and a consequent high pitched alarm sound. By default, the inverter emits an alarm to indicate that the battery cable size needs to be changed. 

Don’t ignore the sound if this happens. You need to call a professional as soon as possible to replace the cable. It is also better to make sure that the new line is long enough. 

2. Reduced battery capacity

Depleting battery capacity is another reason for continuous inverter beeping. It protects the inverter from discharging too much, and from shutting down.

It’s also the inverter’s means of letting you know about the depleting battery. The solution in this position lies in charging the battery for a few hours. 

Switch on the inverter once the battery is charged to check. There shouldn’t be any noise. If there is, then it means that there was some other cause for the noise. It is better to turn to a professional technician for help. 

3. Overloading of devices

Running too many devices on the inverter at the same time is another reason for its continuous beeping. You will most likely hear a constant, solid, beeping tone. 

The obvious solution here lies in removing or switching off all non-essential devices. The beeping sound generally stops upon removing the excess load. If not, call your technician. 

4. Failed self-test

A failed self-test is not only a common but is also a possible reason for an inverter’s beeping. You will most probably hear some rapid beeping for a minute every 4 to 5hours.

Most AC inverters perform a self-test every fortnight.

It is done to check the battery’s integrity. You know that the battery is practically dead and needs replacement if the inverter fails the test and starts beeping. The solution lies in replacing the battery within the next fortnight to a month. 

5. Running on battery mode

Another common reason for an inverter’s continuous beeping is when it runs or operates on battery power. You may usually hear four beeps every 30 seconds. The beeping sound shows that the unit has transferred from line to battery operation. 

6. Low voltage

If you notice that the inverter keeps repeating a beep every five seconds, it’s usually because of low voltage. It is better to reduce the appliances running on the AC power industrial inverters. Or, if better, switch it off.  

So you see, there are so many reasons for a noisy inverter. And, it is not usually the same sounds you here. Each cause and reason for the sound has its beeping sound.

 You need to recognize these sounds to know the cause, and thus stop the sound. However, sometimes, you may not be able to resolve the AC inverter beeping problem on your own.

This is when you need to reach out to your Exeltech technicians for more help and assistance.