The battery is practically the heart of your modular inverter. It is where the converted power from your power source is stored to provide you with emergency power when you need it.

However, you never know when a power outage may happen. However you need the battery to be in optimal working condition to efficiently cater to your emergency power needs in these situations. 

It means it is not enough to invest in the top industrial power inverters with the most efficient batteries. You need to spend some time and effort maintaining it too.

But you do not have to worry.

Inverter Batteries are rather low in maintenance. All it takes are these few but efficient maintenance tips and you will be able to extend its life for a long time to come.

1. Keep the battery in a well-ventilated place

Industrial power inverters can get hot with continual use. The heat can lead to moisture forming and dewdrops, which is harmful to the inverter. This can be prevented by keeping the inverter and battery in a well-ventilated place.

Proper ventilation provides for natural cooling and air circulation that’s helpful to the battery heating problem. It keeps the inverter cool.

And in addition to this, do not in any way keep, store or use the battery in places where there is lots of heat produced. Examples are direct sunlight and near a heater or fire.

2. Do not keep anything inflammable near the inverter battery

Avoid keeping anything flammable or volatile near the battery. There is a huge risk, and possibility of it setting the inverter battery on fire, and causing an explosion and disaster.

Prevention is better than cure, so keep it someplace safe.

3. Keep the battery terminals clean

There is a chance of the battery terminals of the modular inverters getting dusty or rusty with time and usage. This can hamper the inverter’s working efficiency. So it is better to have it cleaned yourself, or you can alternatively have Exeltech technicians take care of it for you.

4. Maintain optimal battery water levels

The battery’s infernal plates have to be covered with water to work. It’s because the water undergoes a chemical reaction where it’s broken down into hydrogen and oxygen gas.

The gases in turn evaporate with time, and it leads to a reduction in the water levels. So in the long run, the plates no longer remain covered with water, and will not work as usual.

This is why you need to check the water levels and top it up to keep the battery performing efficiently. You will have to do this at least once every 45 days. You will have to top it up if required to maintain the water level is not below the minimal level.

5. Use only distilled water to top up the battery

Do not use any water to top up the battery levels. Make sure you use only distilled water. It is because normal tap water and RO water has dirt and other impurities that only end up shortening your battery life. Distilled water is safe and recommended for use in all industrial power inverters.

6. Battery surface should be kept clean at all times

Always make sure the battery surface is clean, and free of dust at all times.  You do not have to do much to do this. All it takes is a regular wiping of the inverter battery surface with a clean cotton cloth every now and then.

So you see, modular inverters are not difficult to maintain. All you have to do is give it some time and effort and you are assured it serves you better for a much longer time.

And in case you do not have the time to do this routine cleaning you have to think of an alternative. You can always have your Exeltech technician conduct periodical maintenance checks.

They will be able to ascertain how well your industrial power inverters are working. And they will also decide if you need to change the battery or make other changes for optimal power backup.