There’s nothing more irritating than seeing power surges affecting your expensive, and sensitive equipment. This ends up in their multiple repairs and possible even possible failure.

While sine wave inverters can help protect them by converting power to the necessary power to run them, did it ever occur to you that these inverters may also give way with time?

Yes, even inverters tend to age with use, which leads to a reduction or failure in their power conversion abilities. The best way you can prevent this, and prolong the life of your inverter is by following your owner’s manual in its usage, and by using the following tips.

1. Don’t neglect regular maintenance

This is very important for any electrical device, including inverters. People tend to forget about inverters while they remember to periodically maintain their equipment.

Inverters are also delicate pieces of equipment where even a minor internal problem can trigger problems. Regular maintenance by the manufacturer or a third-party provider can help prevent these problems.

They check and ensure the inverter’s connections are both safe and intact, and also check all plastic harnesses connecting wires for any cracks and breakages on them.

2. Professional inspections are always better

It is always better to have your pure sine wave inverter inspected by a professional. They will be able to detect problems and help reduce possible future downtime.

3. Infrared scanning helps

Another option for maintaining and prolonging your inverter’s life is an infrared inspection. It is a quick procedure that locates the parts of the inverter that are prone to mechanical failure.

It can be done in a day by experienced infrared technicians and the results let you take the necessary preventive measures to nip problems in the bud before it worsens.