As the owner of industrial power inverters, you naturally wonder who to approach for their maintenance. You have the inverter manufacturer and third-party providers to choose from.

While you may feel it’s safer to have the manufacturer maintain their own machines, there are some advantages to hiring third-party providers.

1. Vast field of knowledge and experience

While the inverter manufacturers’ service team knows much more about their machines than third-party providers, they can only maintain their brand and type of inverters. This means they are okay if you use only their machines.

However, if you have various machines from different brands, you can save your time and money hiring third-party providers to service all of them at one time. It’s cheaper and better than hiring individual companies’ technicians and scheduling multiple service and maintenance appointments.

2. Cheaper option

If you are looking for something cost effective, third-party providers are a better choice. Inverter manufacturers charge as much as 50% higher than third party providers for their professional services.

Besides, some companies charge an additional reinstatement fee if you first hire them, switch to in-house technicians and then revert back to them.

3. Spare parts

When it comes to spare parts, your inverter manufactures will always have a set of spare parts ready at their factory. So you don’t have to wait long for the technicians to bring them. Third party providers will have to scout around to find the required parts.

On the other hand, in-house technicians have access only to their machine parts, and won’t have parts for equipment produced years ago. They won’t even try to look for these parts for you while third-party technicians have the contacts and people who provide them with as many parts as necessary.

Last, but not least, third-party providers act relatively quickly. You can confirm and choose technicians who work the quickest by finding out more about them through past customer reviews and testimonials.

With so many advantages supporting them, it’s no wonder most people turn to third-party providers to maintain their industrial power inverters.