Buying AC power industrial inverters isn’t as daunting a task as you may think. As long as you know these important 4 criteria to look for, you’ll easily be able to buy the right unit for your industry needs.

1. Overload protection

Like anything electrical, even inverters have their share of risks. However, it’s thanks to the advancements in modern technology, like overload protection capacity, these risks are reduced. This is an important feature in inverters because it prevents possible damage to itself, batteries and the connected devices.

2. LCDs

LCDs play an important part in solving inverter problems because they show error codes that you can look up in the manual and rectify. It’s especially important and better to buy an AC inverter with an LCD if it’s the first inverter you are buying. It’s easier for you to maintain and assess complications.

3. Capacity

Industrial power inverters vary in their wattage power capacity, which you must select wisely. It should equal the number of watts needed for powering each piece of equipment. It should also have an additional 50% wattage to compensate for any peaks or power surges in all the equipment when starting and drawing power.

It’s always better to buy an inverter with more capacity rather than less. This will let you add a few more pieces of equipment without having to invest in new AC power industrial inverters in the future.

4. Useful extras

Find out about the inverter delivery terms, and if it comes with a return policy if you find any issues. Find out about shipping costs, and who has to bear it. Last, but not least, buy industrial power inverters with at least a year’s warranty like Exeltech’s AC inverters. While most units last much longer than a year, it’s always safer buying one with a warranty and free customer service.