If you’re looking for a power inverter to give you more energy and more reliability, there are a few types to consider. It is no longer just industrial power inverters or standard power inverters. You also need to choose between a modular power inverter and standard power inverter. As we all know, a power inverter takes direct current (DC) and converts it into alternating current (AC) for use with the rated equipment. If you are looking for industrial power inverters and you are not sure if you want a modular or a standard one, here is some info that should help you make a more informed choice.

The modular power inverters, while a bit more expensive than the standard ones,are designed so that any part of the unit can be replaced without having to shut it off. This type of inverter is normally purchased for a particular purpose that needs to keep the power running at all times. This is achievable with a modular power inverter. It will also cut out the downtime that occurs because of equipment failure, at least as far as the power system goes. There may be other options out there to help with the other reasons for down times.

The Benefits of a Modular Inverters are listed:

They only need simple repairs and maintenance.

The design makes them easy to maintain.

They are more cost efficient than a custom power inverter.

The footprint is standardized so the customer will know how much room they need for the unit.

These benefits make the modular industrial power inverters a good choice for most customers. Most companies want to focus on proclivity. Making maintenance and repairs easier and faster will save money by saving time. If this is what your company is looking for, modular inverters are a practical choice.