Whether you’re shooting a wedding, corporate event, or concert where every moment counts, you cannot deny the significance of an uninterrupted power supply. 

AC power industrial inverters empower professionals to capture these minute details of every event. They provide steady power to cameras, lights, and essential equipment for all locations and power fluctuations.

Importance of Reliable Power in Event Photography and Videography

  • Power interruptions during events can lead to missed opportunities to capture important moments, risking the quality and completeness of the coverage.
  • Dependency on battery-powered equipment introduces limitations such as short battery life and the inconvenience of carrying multiple spares. This hinders seamless operation throughout the event.
  • Consistent power is crucial for maintaining optimal lighting conditions and powering essential equipment like cameras and microphones. It ensures uninterrupted workflow and high-quality output.

4 Factors To Consider Before Selecting AC Inverters

When choosing inverters for event photography/videography, you can consider these four factors:

Power output

Ensure the inverter has enough power output to handle all your equipment.

Continuous and surge power

Ensure that the inverter has enough continuous power to operate equipment and surge power to handle sudden power demands.


Inverters are of two types: pure sine wave and modified sine wave. 

Pure sine wave inverters provide the same power as your wall outlet.

However as modified sine wave inverter power isn’t compatible with all equipment, you need to select a compatible one.

Size and weight

Inverters come in various sizes and weights, so choose an appropriate size per your requirements.

Applications of AC Power Industrial Inverters in Event Photography and Videography

Powering equipment on location

AC inverters provide a reliable and consistent power source for all essential event photography and videography equipment. This includes cameras, lighting fixtures, monitors, and audio recording devices. 

By converting DC power into AC power, inverters ensure uninterrupted equipment operation, regardless of the availability of electrical outlets at the event location.

Enabling the use of studio-quality lighting setups

You can use high-powered studio lights, softboxes, strobes, and other lighting equipment to achieve professional-quality lighting effects. This capability is essential for capturing clear, well-lit images and videos, especially in low-light or challenging environments.

Charging batteries and powering laptops for editing on the go

You can also charge batteries and power laptops or other editing equipment while on location. It ensures productivity and continuity in work, even in remote or outdoor settings with limited electricity access.

Advantages of using AC Power Industrial Inverters for Event Photography and Videography

Here are four advantages of using AC inverters for event photography and videography:

1. Portability

Small and lightweight, you can easily take them anywhere, like at outdoor events or off-the-grid locations.

2. Elimination of reliance on battery power

AC inverters provide a consistent and reliable power source, eliminating the need to swap out batteries or worry about their limited lifespan. 

3. Reliability

Regardless of the event location or access to electrical outlets, these inverters ensure a continuous power supply. This reliability is crucial for capturing every moment without worrying about potential power outages, especially during critical points of an event.

4. Enhanced flexibility and efficiency 

With them, you can operate equipment in different environments and conditions. So you can adapt quickly to changing circumstances and efficiently capture high-quality images and videos. 

Additionally, the consistent power supply of inverters enables smoother workflows and more productive editing processes, improving overall efficiency.

Invest in AC power industrial inverters from Exeltech if you are a video/photographer and want to capture events without disruption.