Road trips can be boring, and it’s left to you to add some spice to them. What better way is there to do this than by watching your favorite movies, listening to your favorite songs and cooking your favorite dishes. But you need power for all this, which sine wave inverters can give you. However, there are a few things no one may have told you about RV inverters!

Types of inverters

There are three types of inverters, classified based on their different waveforms.

The modified sine wave inverters work well with most appliances and are affordably priced. However, it can also reduce equipment efficiency and motors tend to draw more power from these inverters because they are less efficient than other inverters.

This means your microwave will work less efficiently with this inverter, and some appliances even emit an irritating buzzing sound with modified sine wave inverters.

If you don’t want the sound and can afford it, pure sine inverters are a better option. They are most popular as RV power inverters where the sine waves are naturally produced through the rotation.

RV owners prefer this because it works compatibly for most appliances. You can enjoy your trip better with these inverters around because you know that your appliances will work efficiently and produce their best output.

The third inverter option you have is the square wave one. It’s affordably priced and can be relied upon to power simple appliances and tools that are powered by universal motors.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about them before. It’s nothing surprising because these inverters are not that popular on the market because of their limited capabilities and functions.

Now that you know these vital, and unknown facts about inverters, Exeltech will give you the necessary assistance to select the right unit for yourself.