There are so many types of inverters, but all of them serve the same purpose. They are used for converting DC to AC, the power that most electrical equipment is run on.

There are different types of inverter manufacturers that differ in terms of the usage of their inverters.

Basic inverters for residential use

The basic versions are inverters that are strong enough to power a laptop, portable DVD player, a small television or any similar equipment when you perhaps go on a road or boat trip. These inverters are generally small and rectangular. They are plugged into the dashboard’s cigarette lighter or DC outlet.

The benefit of these inverters is that they don’t draw much power, and can thus be used continuously while traveling. They can also power your equipment for half an hour to an hour when the engine is off during a power outage at home or while camping.

Inverters for commercial use

There are inverter manufacturers that produce power inverters with jump-like cables that are directly connected to a battery. They are used to run more powerful equipment like power tools or a larger TV. They can also be hard-wired to a battery to easily use with larger pieces of equipment.

Inverters for industrial use

The larger industrial power inverters are used for converting solar or wind energy into AC power or for powering heavy-duty equipment during power outages. They can also be used to power homes, and are also called grid-tie inverters.

This is because they are linked to the utility grid, making it convenient to deliver power along the same wires that supply energy from the electric utilities. It also lets you sell excess power produced to the utility company.

So it’s left to you to decide if you need basic, slightly larger, module or industrial power inverters based on your usage and the equipment it will be powering. Exeltech is always ready to guide you through the buying process.