You’re probably familiar with the basic purpose of inverters. They make it easy to run electrical appliances by converting DC (direct current) power from batteries to AC (alternating current) power. Information about modular inverters and other types results isn’t quite as common, resulting in uncertainty over the right choice for your needs.

Industrial power inverters are designed to withstand the rigors and demands of heavy-duty power needs. Commercial grade inverters are built with some of those ranges of application. Residential grade inverters seldom, if ever, require the advanced design. Their construction is less complex, making them less expensive than inverters for commercial and industrial use.

Sophisticated technology is a vital requirement for pure sine wave inverters. The resulting power conversion results in power that matches or exceeds that found in an office or home. Think of the sensitive electronic equipment you use that must be protected against damage from inadequate electrical power. Smooth, uninterrupted power from pure sine wave inverters protect laptops, refrigerators, and TVs while in use.

Less sensitive appliances like heaters and phone chargers have no start-up surge. Modified sine wave inverters are designed to handle this type of simple electronic devices. They don’t cost as much because they’re less complicated to make. Exeltech builds many quality inverters that emphasizes its reputation for supplying efficient products for the varied requirements of each customer’s situation. Industrial environments, for example, often include airborne particles like packing fibers, wood dust, and metal shavings that can interfere with electrical contacts on equipment. That threat is preventable with the installation of customized inverters.

Microwaves cook foods quicker when equipped with pure sine wave inverters. In addition, the special inverters:

  • Improve the working efficiency of machinery and appliances.
  • Extend the life of equipment.
  • Reduce the noise associated with telecommunications equipment.

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