Everything in life has to be maintained well. Be it your home, car, television, blender and even yourself. After investing so much on an appliance like AC power industrial inverters, it is but imperative that you also maintain it well.

You have two maintenance options to choose from. They are third-party providers and the manufacturer’s in-house mechanics. Each has their individual pros and cons but it’s generally the third-party provider who is better for maintaining your AC inverters.

1. Cheaper maintenance costs

It is always cheaper to hire third-party providers to maintain your inverter. This is because the manufacturers charge as much as 50% higher to maintain it. To make things worse, there are also companies that charge an additional reinstatement fee if you first hire them to maintain your unit, try out some third-party provider and eventually decide to revert to them.

2. More knowledgeable

Third party providers maintain a wide range of branded AC power industrial inverters on an everyday basis. So they are quite well versed with the working and parts of various types and brands of AC inverters.

This is unlike a team of in-house maintenance personnel who have the know-how to only maintain their brand of inverters. So if you have different types if AC inverters from different brands, it will be foolish to depend on in-house maintenance teams to maintain your AC power industrial inverters.

3. Have all types of parts

With third-party providers maintaining so many inverters every day, they know where you can get the appropriate replacement parts for your inverter at all times. So you don’t have to wait long for them to bring these parts and fix them up for you.

On the contrary, in-house maintenance personnel may not have the parts required to repair legacy equipment that you had bought years ago. So you have to wait till they find the right parts needed to repair your AC inverters.