Are you looking for 2k watt power inverters? Do you want the best for your investment? Then it’s a pure sine wave inverter that you must look out for.

You must be careful while looking because many merchants will try to pass off modified sine wave inverters as their true counterparts.  

It is easy to differentiate between the two, but only you know the differences between them. So read on how to separate genuine true sine wave inverters from modified sine wave counterparts. 

How to differentiate between pure and modified sine wave inverters

Indeed, you can’t tell the difference between pure sine wave (PSW) and modified sine wave (MSW) inverters at first glance. They look similar, which is why some merchants can so easily dupe customers. Here are the characteristic differences to look out for between the two.

1. PSW inverters are known for its improved efficiency

Pure sine wave inverters use the same electricity you get in your home or office. That’s why they are known for their improved efficiency and reliability. 

It produces the same flowing and rhythmic electricity flow that most household appliances and electronic devices are accustomed to run on. They do not make the electrical noise interference that is so common in MSW inverters. 

2. Modified sine wave inverters have compatibility problems

It’s very likely to be a scam if the inverter you use doesn’t run with sophisticated devices like a computer. It’s because you have most probably bought the less compatible MSW inverters and not a true sine wave inverter. 

This is the biggest drawback of MSWs. It’s compatibility issues.

It is not compatible with all appliances, and sometimes the device may either not start at all or have starting problems. 

3. Pure sine wave inverters don’t overheat appliances easily

You can tell if you have bought a pure sine wave invertors or its modified counterpart by examining the appliances connected to it. It’s because products connected to PSW inverters do not overheat quickly.

On the contrary, if the appliances get hot and overheated within a few minutes, then it means that you have been duped. Modified sine wave inverters tend to heat up appliances it runs.

It’s better to return the inverter to the merchant as soon as possible. 

You may end up damaging your devices if you delay or continue using the MSW inverter to power them. 

This happens because MSW inverters are known for having an inconsistent power output. It means that the appliances will have to work overtime to compensate for the inverter’s inconsistency. It’s this working overtime those heats up the devices. 

4. True sine wave inverters are more expensive

Don’t think that you are getting a massive discount for the pure sine wave inverter, looking at its low rates. You are likely looking at an MSW inverter and not its pure counterpart. 

The increased features and consistency of pure sine wave inverters are the reason for its high rate. So make sure you take a look at and compare prices before selecting your inviter.

So, you see, it’s difficult for scamming merchants to trick you into buying a modified sine wave inverter if you know your inverters well. Make sure you check the rates before buying, and once you take your inverter home, use it, and take notes.

If it’s working at optimal efficiency and there’s no heating of appliances, then it means you have a true sine wave inverter.

However, if the inverter makes some noise, and heats your device, then it’s better to return the inverter to the merchant. You have likely been duped into buying a 2k watt power inverter.  

However, you know you aren’t fooled if you do your shopping from more established and reputed stores like Exeltech. These stores are committed to providing only the best products that serve their customers the best.