Most power inverters are purchased online or in store as ready made products. But what happens when you need a special type of inverter that you can’t seem to find for sale? The answer is simple: work with an inverter manufacturer that can design a customer power inverter that meets your building’s electrical needs. There are several reasons why an organization may need a custom inverter, with the reasons below being three of the most common ones.

Load Size

An unusual load, such as one that features very high wattage, is one of the primary reasons organizations need custom inverters. If you invest in an inverter that isn’t rated to carry the load it must serve, the device is likely to fail during service from overwork. Depending on the application of the inverter, its failure could constitute a safety hazard. If you can’t find an inverter with enough capacity to serve a heavy load, having a custom inverter created is the best option.

Operating Conditions

Adverse operating conditions in environments where inverters are placed is another reason why custom inverters are needed. Adverse operating conditions include high moisture, airborne contaminants, and unusual temperatures, to name a few. Exeltech sells ready made inverters that are designed to meet adverse operating conditions. However, we can also design a custom inverter if the equipment we have in stock doesn’t meet the needs of the operating environment.

Exterior Design

The exterior design of an inverter is highly important concerning the environment where the device is placed. If you need an inverter that can withstand hard bumps and hits, you may need a device whose exterior shell is designed to withstand heavy duty work environments. Exeltech can create inverters whose inner parts are surrounded by a tough shell that adequately protects them. We can even produce a power inverter that fully meets military grade specifications.

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If you can’t find the type of power inverter you need, it may be because it doesn’t exist. When this is the case, working with Exeltech to create the inverter you need is the best option. Unlike some companies that sell inverters, we manufacture our own products, and thus have the capacity to create custom equipment. For more information about creating a custom inverter, call us today at (800) 886-4683 to schedule a consultation, or use our contact form.