Most companies buy pre-made power inverters, as these types of inverters perfectly meet their electricity conduction needs. However, there are also times when companies need more from an inverter than can be found in inverters that are ready to purchase off of the shelf. There are several situations that could justify purchasing custom power inverters instead of readymade inverters. Below are four examples of situations in which opting for a custom product is ideal.

Unusually High Load Size

When the load an inverter must support is so large that readymade inverters aren’t rated to support it, opting for custom power inverters is the best option. Some companies try to use an inverter that has less than an adequate load rating in order to save money, but this situation often creates more expense, as the inverter wears out prematurely and must be replaced.

Adverse Operating Conditions

If you plan to implement the inverter in an environment that has adverse operating conditions, you may need an inverter that has a Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Level 3 certification, which establishes that a piece of electrical equipment can withstand various types of adverse operation conditions, such as high moisture, vibration, and airborne contaminants.

Need for Industrial Equipment Housing

Equipment housing is another area of concern that can lead to the creation of custom power inverters. When inverters are placed in an industrial environment, where people wear hard hats, it is propitious to supply the inverter with its own hard hat, per se, and equip it with industrial equipment housing that is highly resistant to shock, and thus sustains the inverter’s operation.


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Most companies find that they don’t need custom power inverters, but there are also companies that do need custom designed inverters for one reason or another. Unusually high load size, adverse operating conditions that must be accounted for, and the need for industrial equipment housing are three situations that often precipitate the need for custom power inverters. If your company needs a custom power inverter, Exeltech can create a product that meets its needs.

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