AC industrial inverter systems are today popularly used in many hospitals, offices, hotels, and industrial establishments. They are just right to provide emergency lighting in these places in case of a power outage. 

They don’t just start immediately during a power outage but also automatically restart and recharge their batteries if the outage lasts longer than the battery run time. However, all of this is possible only if and when you use your AC inverters properly. Here are some tips to help you with it. 

1. Input and output voltage should be similar

The input voltage must be the same as the battery voltage. You can find your AC inverter’s voltage printed somewhere on the unit, and it’s usually 12V and 24V. So buying the right inverter with the same energy as the DC input voltage helps prevent lots of problems.

2. Choose the right powered AC inverters

The AC power industrial inverter’s power should be higher than the power of the equipment it’s connected to. It’s especially crucial if you have equipment with a high starting power like air conditioners. Choosing the right power inverter with a large margin can prevent unnecessarily burnt inverters. 

3. Make the right connections

Do ensure that the power inverter’s positive and negative electrodes are correctly connected. They are usually clearly marked red for positive and black for negative.

Even the battery is marked positive and negative, respectively. So do attach the positive pole of the AC inverter to the positive pole of the cell, and the inverter’s negative pole to the battery’s negative pole. It’s also essential that the connecting cable be thick and long enough to carry the load. 

As long as you follow these tips, your AC power industrial inverters will serve you for a long time to come. Don’t hesitate to turn to Exeltech service professionals for any assistance you may need while connecting, or using your AC inverters.