Buying new equipment and replacement parts doesn’t need to break the bank. Purchases like industrial power inverters are examples of how companies can realize savings by using techniques like recycling and refurbishing. Even if the company is flush and there’s little concern about eking extra use or after-sale reimbursement, enjoy the good feeling obtained through earth-friendly practices demonstrates positive community action. Here are three simple ways to add to increase your business’s bottom line.

1.Consider Acceptable Stock Parts

Several types of businesses rely on custom inverters to deliver specific amounts of power, frequency, and input/output voltage. Look over what is needed and determine if lower-cost stock parts are available. Reliable equipment improves productivity.

2. Sell Usable Modular Inverters Suited for Reconditioning

Look online for equipment refurbishers who purchase and recondition used working modular inverters. Compare the payment offered by each business and establish a long-lasting relationship with your choice of professionals. Another way to pass the equipment along for other uses is by contacting an equipment recycler. The more inverters and other electronic items available for recycling, the more money you’ll receive to use for other business matters.

3.Evaluate and Adjust Operating Power

Business power needs that are consistent and demonstrate little chance of accelerated power requirements for the next five years usually remain status quo. When you notice power requirements steadily growing, do an evaluation of ways to increase performance while reducing expenses. A modular inverter assembly is one option that meets that criteria. It is housed in a chassis with multiple inverters and open slots that accept more inverters when additional power is necessary. Separate units are removed for repair or replacement when needed. It’s an efficient way to provide necessary power.

About Exeltech

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