Quality industrial power inverters and modular inverters are designed to deliver superior performance. As an inverter ages, however, it becomes more likely to fail. There are actually a few options for assessing the equipment’s status. The biggest advantage of having it done is that problems can be detected and often fixed before the inverter fails.

The following assessment strategies are suitable for industrial power inverters. Review the owner’s manual to confirm the assessments are allowed before any test is done. That will help avoid the possibility of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

1.Schedule and Abide by Maintenance Checkups

Electrical problems inside the device are a primary cause of inverter failures. Routine maintenance checks provide the opportunity to check the electrical contacts in your industrial power inverters, particularly devices that carry a heavy electrical load. Include an examination of plastic harnesses that connect wires, as well as the wire coatings. There should be no breaks or cracks.

2.Infrared Scan Inspections

You can have electrical equipment ‘hot spots’ identified with infrared scanning. The technique identifies areas prone to mechanical failure. It’s more expensive than a DIY scan, since the process is done at your facility by an infrared scanning technician and is usually completed in less than a day. Electronic equipment is scanned as the tech walks through. The results show any potential electric problems within inverters so preventive maintenance can be taken before a situation escalates.

3.Inverter Technician Inspection

An inverter specialist has the expertise to examine and detect possible issues in modular inverters and other inverters in your facility. It’s costly, but effective in preventing down time from future equipment failures. Request a signed written statement that lists which parts and inverters were checked, as well as the results.

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