Are you thinking of buying sine wave inverters for your business? Do you wonder if it’s a wise investment to make? If yes, here is a rundown on the various reasons to buy inverters for your business.

1. Reliable source of emergency power 

The main reason for buying inverters is to provide power when power fails. So you need the same kind of electric power to run your appliances. Pure sine wave inverters supply the same kind of power that’s supplied by the grid.

2. Reduced electricity bill

An inefficient power backup can have a negative impact on your electricity bill. The right inverter is the most efficient in converting stored power in batteries to the alternating current (AC) your appliances require. It, in the process, minimizes power loss and your electricity bill.

3. Reduces risk to sensitive appliances

Pure sine wave inverters help minimize the risk of any possible damage to sensitive appliances that may arise with modified sine-wave. It does it by ensuring a smooth change-over if and when there is load shedding or a power failure.

Advantages of using pure sine wave inverters in commercial establishments

  • Pure sine wave inverters are a must in commercial establishments that use lots of sensitive, expensive equipment. Its output sine-wave form comes with minimal harmonic distortion. It instead provides clean power that’s similar to grid power, which is essential to safely run your expensive equipment.
  • Pure sine wave inverters run inductive loads like microwaves and motors in a much faster, cooler, and quieter manner. It means that there are minimal sound and heat pollution in your establishment.
  • Pure sine wave inverters are especially beneficial to offices. Its pure sine wave reduces the electrical noises emitted by fans, audio amplifiers, TV, fluorescent lights, and answering machines. It also is helpful in preventing computer crashes and computer monitor glitches.
  • The most significant and important advantage to investing in inverters for the total amount it helps you save. It not only helps save on your monthly electricity bills, but the investment cost is soon justified.

You can find out how your investment amount is compensated if you calculate how much you save by using inverters to protect your expensive equipment during power outages.

There is no risk of any equipment malfunctioning or worry about replacing your expensive equipment. In short, pure sine wave inverters help extend the lives of your equipment.

Keeping the above points in mind will help you realize the need and importance of investing in pure sine wave inverters.

Buy from reputed manufacturers

It, however, is important that you select inverters from reputable and known inverter manufacturers.

  • Look for someone who has been in the industry for some time and is known for producing top-quality and safe inverters.
  • You can choose your brand or manufacturer through friends or acquaintances. If you don’t know anyone who’s recently invested in pure sine wave inverters, then you can always turn to the internet for help.
  • Do not buy from the first brand or store you see. You need to take a look at a few options and compare the different types of inverters they offer and their prices.
  • It’s worth reading the customer reviews most websites have. You get an idea of the type of products each store offers through their reviews. It’s not necessary that you deal only with companies having positive reviews.

To err is human, so it’s okay for a company to have one or two negating reviews. The important thing, however, is to find out how they handle the negative reviews.

Companies like Exeltech have few negative reviews. And if they do get one, they put in the extra effort to set things right with the customer to ensure they end up with a happy and satisfied customer.