It’s the manufacturer who’s responsible for the faults and working of a product. This is why it is better to buy things from reputed brands and manufacturers.

When it comes to industrial power inverters, there is a chance of your making these 4 mistakes while choosing inverter manufacturers. Read them to avoid them.

1. Not checking the warranty

With the type and period of the warranty depending on the manufacturer, you need to first check it before investing in industrial power inverters. Look for a manufacturer offering warranties spanning at least a year.

It’s highly unlikely that the unit will give problems within a few weeks’ or months’ time. Companies like Exeltech offer a one-year warranty, which is better than other brands that offer warranties for only a few months or weeks.

2. Wrong grade of equipment

There are so many inverter manufacturers producing different types of equipment like industrial, commercial and residential grade inverters. You should narrow down your options, and buy from companies that manufacture only industrial inverters. They will produce the best inverters that keep your industrial products and equipment safe even during power outages.

3. No customization

It is better to deal with inverter manufacturers who will customize your inverter based on your necessity. This is because it’s not always that the standard units they produce will meet your power needs.

It’s not advised to ‘make do’, and buy whatever inverter they have. They should offer the option of customizing inverters as per your needs.

4. No product certification

Always choose, and buy from inverter manufacturers who provide product certifications for their industrial power inverters. The certificate proves that the inverter is legally safe and right for your machine and locality.

Avoiding these mistakes can help you choose the right inverter manufacturer to buy your industrial power inverter from.