Have you heard people talking about 2k watt power inverters, and you wonder what’s so special about them? Or perhaps you want to purchase one but are unsure of your needs and the features of these true sine wave inverters. If yes, you need to know some basic features of inverters to make a perfect purchase. 

True sine wave inverter- buying guide

You should consider various features before investing in true sine wave inverters. Here is a comprehensive guide to buying an appropriate inverter that meets your power demands:

1. Look out for safety features.

The first thing to consider is safety features. Many inverters have cooling fans to avoid overheating. And some models have an aluminum construction for added support.

So look out for these safety features before investing in an inverter.

2. Wattage

Check the wattage before you select an inverter. The wattages mentioned on the inverter should be the same or more than the wattage of the appliance you need to power. This will ensure that your inverters operate all your appliances.

3. Versatility

Select 2k watt power inverters are versatile in use. For instance, you can use them for powering domestic appliances such as A.C, refrigerators, ovens, heaters, etc. And for charging car batteries, at job sites, or while RVing on the road.

4. Check for peak and continuous load.

An inverter carries two types of load; peak load and continuous load. Peak load is the initial power an appliance needs to start. In contrast, the continuous load is the constant power supply required to run that appliance. 

So before buying, carefully match the wattages your appliances need to operate and those mentioned on an inverter you purchase. It is crucial for both the wattages to match for the successful operation of equipment.

5. Waveform 

An ideal true sine wave inverter should generate a waveform similar to the grid power supply. This type of waveform is pure, smooth, and quickly powers all appliances.

6. Cost

Cost is also a determining factor in purchasing 2k watt power inverters; the higher the cost, the more the inverter features will be. So you should consider inverter features and your budget before making a purchase. 

7. Maintenance options 

True sine wave inverters require regular maintenance for their efficient working. You can use original equipment from the manufacturers, which is pretty expensive. Another option is to call third-party professionals to service your inverter; their services are affordable.

Some additional features 

Additionally, there are some features that true sine wave inverters must essentially have. Here are those features; consider them before making a purchase:

Air compressor 

This feature usually comes with high-end models and is required for pumping specific stuff such as tires.

Cooling fans

Sometimes inverters with excessive usage have the potential risk of getting overheated. Cooling will ensure that overworking does not lead to overheating of inverters.

Overload protection

This safety feature ensures that your 2k watt power inverters do not overload when you plug in heavy power equipment.

USB port

Quality inverters come with multiple USB ports for convenient charging.

Power jump initiator

It is convenient for those looking to charge their car’s battery.\


The display feature lets you know the state of your inverter, whether it is charging or charged, overloaded, etc.

Solar charging

It is the most economical feature of some true sine wave inverters models that use solar energy to supply power to the equipment.

So this is the complete guide for buying 2k watt power inverters. If you are planning to invest in true sine wave inverters, visit Exeltech, a leading manufacturer of various inverter models with exciting features.