For companies and organizations that are committed to cutting costs to bolster the bottom line, buying industrial grade true sine wave inverters and acquiring them economically can be a delicate balance. It makes no sense to purchase low-price, low-capacity equipment that doesn’t meet their needs. At the same time, buying high-capacity, industrial grade equipment that does address their electricity conduction requirements can present a financial obstacle.

How can your outfit acquire industrial grade true sine wave inverters as economically as possible? In this entry, we answer the question by listing four cost saving opportunities that any company or organization can use to mitigate the cost of acquiring true sine wave inverters.

1. Define What You Need in an Inverter

The most common way entities overpay for inverters is buying equipment that offers capabilities that aren’t needed. For example, if your inverters don’t operate under adverse conditions, there is likely no need to pay extra for equipment that has a NEBS Level 3 certification. Before you start shopping for inverters, define exactly what you need in the equipment.

2. Buy Direct From the Manufacturer

Buying from the manufacturer instead of from a vendor can also help you purchase inverters economically. The reason why is simple: By buying straight from the source, you avoid the price markup that vendors apply to earn a profit. The manufacturer applies a markup for the same reason, but that’s a markup you’ll have to pay. Paying a vendor’s markup can be avoided.

3. Purchase Inverters in Bulk Orders

Many entities need only a single inverter, but there are also end users who require several inverters for different parts of their facility. If your company or organization is among the latter, you may be able to cut costs by purchasing your inverters in bulk. Whether you have this option depends on the sale policies of the manufacturer from which you buy your equipment.

4. Shop for Reconditioned Equipment

Purchasing reconditioned equipment may not be an option for entities that need the latest inverter technologies, but entities that don’t require the newest inverters can save money by purchasing equipment that’s been reconditioned to look and perform like it did when new. Reconditioned hardware typically sells for far less than its original purchase price.

Need True Sine Wave Inverters?

If you’re in the market for true sine wave inverters, Exeltech is your source for new equipment. Whether you need a stock inverter or a custom inverter, we will work with you on selecting the right inverter for your electricity conduction needs and acquiring them for a price you can afford. To get started, contact us today at (800) 886-4683, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to supplying you with best in class true sine wave inverters.