Power inverters come in three basic models: pure sine wave inverters, modified sine wave inverters, and square wave inverters. Although they often cost a bit more than the rest, the first of these models, pure sine wave inverters, offer three benefits that justify the extra investment: They can be used for practically all forms of equipment, help equipment generate the maximum output, and help prevent equipment that requires a sinusoidal current from failing to operate.

1.Accommodates Equipment

Most electrical equipment that is currently on the market is designed to operate on sinusoidal current. Common examples of equipment that depend on sinusoidal current include: variable speed motors, power tools, fluorescent lighting ballasts, televisions, laser printers, sound equipment, computers, and precision medical equipment. With pure sine wave inverters correctly installed, you needn’t worry about the type of current your equipment receives.


2.Supports Maximum Output

Some equipment that is designed to receive sinusoidal current still operate if it receives modified sinusoidal current instead. However, one of two things are likely to happen: The equipment will operate at less than maximum output, or it will achieve close to maximum output but work harder than normal to do so. In production environments, either problem can result in dips in productivity, which financially qualifies the benefit of using pure sine wave inverters.

3. Prevents Equipment Failure

Some equipment that is designed to receive sinusoidal current may still operate — albeit inefficiently — if it receives modified sinusoidal current instead, but other equipment that’s designed to run on sinusoidal current will fail to operate if it receives this type of current. Because they cost less than pure sine wave inverters, some companies implement modified sine wave inverters, but the investment is often short sighted, as the hardware must be replaced whenever equipment that requires sinusoidal current is tied into the electrical system.

Shopping for Pure Sine Wave Inverters?

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