The 2K watt inverters are a conducive device that converts direct current (DC) electricity into Alternating Current (AC) electricity. Thanks to their compact size, sufficient power supply, and accessible outlets, these inverters have become immensely popular in households and industries. 

Inverters are more efficient, lighter in weight, and less noisy. Moreover, they have outstanding domestic applications, caravanning, and camping capabilities. 

However, if you purchase a 2k watt inverter, you have to consider its capacity, formula, and power output.

What are Starting Watts and Running Watts?

To understand the working of a 2K watt inverter, you must know what starting and running wattages are.These wattages determine whether your 2K watt inverter can supply power for your appliances.

Note the difference between the two wattages:

Starting watt refers to the short wattage surge required for beginning a device.

Running watt refers to the wattage required to keep the device running at a constant momentum. 

Appliances generally require more power when they start, and the power gradually lowers when they run. So starting wattage is usually higher, and the running wattage is low.

For example, a refrigerator consumes a running power of approximately 650 watts, and however, it needs at least 1000 watts of surge power while plugging in the fridge. These inverters thus find the best use when there is a larger power supply.

The rating of the inverters depends upon starting watts or running watts. Often there is only one rating on the inverter that is the starting watts. However, you must consider both the ratings before buying a 2K watt power inverter to avoid unnecessary circuit breaks.     

Appliances that you can run with a 2K Watt Power Inverter

The power supplied by the inverter entirely depends on its size. Nearly all 2K watt inverters can run a variety of high-power appliances like light bulbs, deep freezers, water pumps, electric stoves, and hot plates. 

However, these inverters can also power small energy-consuming devices like those used in caravanning, camping, and domestic appliances. Listed below are the appliances that a 2K watt inverter can run:

1.     Home Appliances

A 2K watt inverter can supply power for various domestic appliances like a microwave (1000W), refrigerator (1200W), toaster (1200W), coffee maker(1000W), computer(150W), etc.

These inverters are very popular because they are durable, reasonably priced, and easy to maintain. 

2.     During camping trips

Due to the ideal size of a 2K watt inverter, it is the best fit for all the standard devices used in camping. You can conveniently use them to charge car batteries, and they can also provide backup solar energy. 

Additionally, it is a trustworthy power source and can efficiently run the camping devices like washing machines (500-1000W), blow dryers(1000-1900W), kettles(1000-1500W), and heaters(750-1500W).

3.     In Caravan or your RV (Recreational Vehicle)

This inverter is a popular preference for caravanning and recreational vehicles because it provides power to various standard appliances like heaters(700-1500W), pumps(800-1300W), laptops(20-80W), chargers(10W), etc., used in RVs and caravans.

RVs are usually outfitted with larger devices like freezers and air conditioners (900-1700W), so these inverters are the best option. 

Now you know how functional a 2K watt inverter is. Whether you need these inverters to power home appliances or while camping or caravanning, they can provide a continuous power supply.

However, before purchasing an inverter, it’s crucial to consider all the important factors contributing to its efficient functioning. If you are not sure which 2k Watt power inverter to buy or need additional information, reach out to the expert team of Exeltech for assistance in buying the best inverter.