Do you own an RV, SUV, boat, or any other vehicle and use it a lot? Do you wish to cook, watch TV, or power a laptop while using it? If yes, there’s a solution through 2k watt power inverters.

What exactly are power inverters?

In layman’s language, power inverters or true sine wave inverters are devices that convent your vehicle battery direct current (DC) into safe, alternating current (AC) you get in your electricity outlets at home.

With a true sine wave inverter installed in your vehicle, you can safely plug in your appliances, and use it while traveling, just like you would at home. The USB adapter connected to your cigarette lighter may let you charge your phone or for plugging in your satnav.

However, they are not enough for powering larger gadgets and devices. In this case, you need 2k watt power inverters.

How power inverters work

As mentioned earlier, they basically convert your vehicle’s DC into safe AC. Direct current in your vehicle sticks to one circuit, which is why it’s called direct current.

However, your devices need more power to function than the provided DC. They need the AC you get at home. 

This is where power inverters come in.

They increase the DC voltage and change it to AC to safely power your devices. However, make sure you first know your vehicle’s battery voltage so that you can choose the right inverter for powering your devices.

How to select the right sized true sine wave inverters

True sine wave inverters come in various sizes, particularly 1000, 3000, or 5000 watts. 2k watt inverters or the 3000-watt inverter are the popular choices for vehicular use.

They aren’t as small as the 1000 watt options or too overcharged like the 5000-watt inverters. You can always opt for the 3500-watt inverters if you are looking for more power to power your gadgets.

Which is better? Modified or pure sine wave inverter?

It’s not just the size you need to consider while buying your inverter for your vehicle. You also need to decide between modified and pure sine wave inverters.

Modified sine wave inverters may be a cheaper and less powerful option. However, they are perfect for most of your regular everyday electronics.

Pure sine wave inverters are compatible with most electronics, appliances, and gadgets. They produce a powerful current that’s practically equivalent to the power the electric grid provides. Most people invest in these inverters because they are compatible with most devices.

Five additional features and tips worth knowing

  1. Did you know that power inverters are especially useful if you plan to set up a solar power system? You can use them to convert solar energy to compatible energy for powering your gadgets in the vehicle. This means you depend on renewable energy to power the inverter, and there’s no worry about your car battery draining.
  • True sine inverters are not just meant for use in vehicles. They can also be used as a power source for small cottages outhouses. They are also a great alternative power source to use for powering your devices during a power outage.
  • You could look for a power inverter with a USB outlet. It’s a useful feature that lets you charge on the road without carrying around additional adaptors and large plugs.
  • It’s always better to buy inverters with digital screens. They provide the added benefit of letting you know how much energy has been consumed. It also tells you more about the battery wattage, all at a glance.
  • Most companies like Exeltech manufacture extra-quiet 2k watt power inverters. It means that there’s no worry about any noisy machines waking you up when you try to sleep on the road while it powers your phone or laptop.