Do you own a spacious vehicle like an RV, boat, SUV, or car?

Do you want to enjoy cooking, watching TV, or charging your laptop while onboard?

If yes, you can continue doing all this with the help of an AC power inverter. 

Read below to find out what AC power industrial inverters are, how they work, and how they can benefit you.

Definition of AC power inverters

AC power inverters are electronic devices that turn your vehicle battery’s direct current (DC) into AC (alternating current). The process produces the same electricity that you receive in your houses.

A power inverter lets you conveniently plug in your devices and supply power, as you would do at your home, through an electrical outlet.

How do AC power industrial inverters work?

AC inverters store DC in their batteries but mimic an AC power source by transforming their unidirectional DC into AC. These inverters are just like oscillators that generate a square wave.

But most electronic appliances operate using true sine waves; therefore, these inverters change the square wave into a modified sine wave or true/pure sine wave.

Let’s see the difference between pure sine wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters.

Classification of AC power industrial inverters

Pure sine wave inverters

They are the best quality inverters providing sine waves as an output. Hence their power supply is neat, smooth, and free from voltage fluctuations. 

They can power almost every appliance you plugin. Therefore, they make the first choice for an emergency backup power source. 

But unfortunately, you have to dig deeper into your pockets to purchase them because they are on the expensive side.           

Modified sine wave

These inverters generate a modified form of sine waves; hence the name modified sine wave inverters. 

They work well for most appliances, and since they provide modified sine waves, they are less powerful and available at a reduced price.

What are the different AC inverter sizes?

You can classify these inverters based on their size or the voltage they produce. Generally, you can expect 300-5000 watts from these AC power inverters.

Though these inverters are available in various sizes, an inverter of 3000Watt suits best for almost all purposes; it fits your budget and performs all the functions efficiently.

Uses of AC inverters

1. For camping 

Do not worry if you are outdoors camping and worry about missing your favorite TV episodes or listen to your favorite songs. You can easily connect your AC inverter to the R.V. batteries for a consistent power supply. And enjoy your shows and songs as always.

2. For mobile vehicles 

You can connect AC inverters to your vehicle’s battery like cars, trucks, etc., to charge your laptops, power the air conditioner, etc.

3. For emergency backup

Power outage is uncertain; connecting your AC inverter to your car battery when it happens helps operate all your essential appliances like heaters, refrigerators, etc.

Why should you get an AC inverter?

  • Whether in the office, home, or outdoors, an AC power inverter will ensure you never run out of electricity.
  • Everyone carries electronic gadgets with them that need periodical charging. Therefore, having an AC inverter that powers all your devices help.
  • AC inverters ensure the safe operation of your device as these inverters do not have voltage fluctuations.

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