Most people are aware of the fact that industrial power inverters are necessary for the improved performance and safety of their equipment and machinery, but do you know what they actually do and why are they called so?

Well inverters are electronic devices which take DC power from a power source like a battery or solar panel, and convert it into alternating current. It renders the power safe to use for running even the large industrial equipment and appliances.

Do not produce power

Inverters do not produce power but is powered by the DC source. The input and output voltages, and the frequency are all dependent on the specific device or circuitry.

Modular inverters are a type of industrial power inverters. As the name suggests, these inverters are made of components that are connected together. The benefit of this arrangement is that you can replace or add components or modules as required, without stopping or affecting the system at all.

Minimal downtime with modular inverters

Though a bit on the expensive side, there are industries that prefer investing in modular inverters because they are cheaper in the long run. For example, there is no need of shutting down the unit during any maintenance or repairs.

There is no worry about any downtime and you can still continue running the machine. Besides, being modular in nature, you can even swap the different components to reconfigure its design so that it fits into any given space.

It’s left to you to decide if you want to invest in just industrial power inverters or modular versions based on your power requirements, your budget and your business. If you can’t afford any downtime, and are willing to invest more, modular inverters are anytime a better investment.