With the world practically dependent on power for all their needs, there is no surprise that there is a high demand for inverters. They are essential for ensuring continuous power supply even during outages.

The problem is that there are so many types of inverters, from various inverter manufacturers. Some companies produce models ranging from pure sine wave inverters to modular inverters and the industrial power inverters.

That’s why it’s essential you know which inverter you need for your individual needs before buying one. Here are a few tips to help you select the right industrial power inverters for your powering needs.

1. Do your research

You may come across various advertisements about inverter manufacturers online. They may brag about themselves, but it’s always not advisable to buy form the first company with a colorful ad. You have to do your research and find out more about their products before making your final decision.

2. Look for referrals 

The best way to start your search is by looking for referrals from people who have recently bought inverters. They can help give you an idea of how well the product is. You can find out through reviews on the inverter website, or the reviews on online forums.

3. Look for reliable inverter manufacturers

There are quite a few scammers out there, and the last thing you want to do is fall into their traps. The only thing that happens is you’re losing your money and ending up with a useless device.

It’s worth paying a little more and buying from the more reparable inverter manufacturers. Online reviews give you a better idea of their reputation and avoid those with shady reputations.

4. Location

The location is another point to consider. It’s better to buy from local dealers for its ease of convenience. It’s even easier and quicker for them to send the inverter and reach you in servicing and problems.

5. Budget

As always, look for inverters that fall in your budget bracket. The cost generally differs based on the inverter’s size, features, and quality. It’s better to invest in a slightly more expensive and good quality unit. They are usually more reliable and durable in structure.

6. Power requirements

You have to start your search by calculating your power requirements. You do it by calculating how much energy you will need to power all your connected appliances.

But don’t buy an inverter that provides just enough electricity for your equipment. Most equipment undergoes a power surge while starting, so keep this in mind while making calculations.

7. Inverter capacity

The best way to find an inverter befitting your power requirements is by calculating your inverter capacity. It’s measured in Volt Ampere (VA) and is directly proportional to the total load you need to support.

You figure it by dividing the entire load to support by the power factor. And the power factor is the efficiency loss while converting energy. In short, the inverter capacity balances the energy efficiency by dividing the power load with the power factor.

You will usually get an odd-numbered figure. You will have to round it off and buy an inverter that best matches your power needs.

8. Inverter capacity vs. battery capacity

The inverter and battery capacity (WA) are also essential factors to consider while selecting your inverter. You could say that the battery capacity determines how much power you have.

In contrast, the inverter capacity determines how much equipment you can power at a time. It’s only if they complement each other will your inverter be able to match your power needs.

These eight factors, with help from your favorite inverter manufacturer Exeltech will help you select the best industrial power inverters.