Have you ever wondered how your lives would look without electricity? Our lives revolve around electricity for everyday tasks. Also, electricity is needed to manufacture goods in factories. 

Everything you use, like vehicles, communication, entertainment, and other goods, is manufactured in factories. 

But how do these factories operate? The obvious answer is that factories use electricity to run their devices like computers, manufacturing units, lighting systems, and other devices. 

Now imagine what happens during power outages? Businesses suffer a massive loss due to interrupted power supplies. 

This article talks about how businesses are affected by power cuts and how opting for industrial power inverters can prevent losses.

Six ways in which businesses suffer after power outages

Here are six ways in which businesses suffer losses due to power outages:

1. Revenue loss

Businesses especially involved in production depend significantly on electricity for their smooth running. A power outage ceases production leading to revenue loss. 

2. Customer loss

As the servers and sites crash due to power cuts, the potential customer may turn to other clients. Also, when your sites are down, your loyal customers might not be able to access them to buy your product. 

Besides, potential first-time visitors might not be able to visit your site during a power outage, which can create a bad image of your business. 

This damaged business reputation affects the revenue directly, resulting in customer loss with revenue loss.

3. Computer data gets corrupted

Most businesses depend on electronic data storage and computers for their smooth operation. 

These operating systems forcefully shut down during a power outage to interrupt the automatic data saving process leading to data loss and equipment damage.

4. Damage to equipment

Due to power outages, expensive and sensitive equipment is at a higher risk of damage. The damage occurs not during the power cut but when the power returns with a surge. 

And the cost of repairing or replacing the damaged equipment is another setback for businesses.

5. Effects inventory turnover

Inventory turnover means how often a company sells its inventory to generate revenue. Regular power outages interrupt inventory turnover leading to lower sales and revenue. 

Also, downtime may sometimes lead to damaged or spoiled inventory.

6. Reduced employee productivity

With modernization in every sphere of life, most workers can’t perform work without a power supply.

Power cuts can also lead to disrupted communication and damaged equipment that directly affect employees’ productivity. 

How to prevent business losses due to power outages

Business owners can, however, prevent losses by having a power backup ready. Investing in industrial power inverters is the right step to avoid downtimes.

Here are three things that are a must for businesses to work on and prevent losses:

1. Invest in industrial power inverters 

Investing in these inverters is a smart move for small and big businesses. These inverters don’t have downtime, thus assuring you of an uninterrupted power supply. 

Also, since they support businesses during an outage, they provide backup for a longer period.

2. Provide employee training

Train employees for emergency response in case of power outages. Mock training sessions help the employees as well as the business.

3. Get the business plan ready

Develop a business continuity plan like arranging for fuels, regular maintenance of industrial power inverters, and hiring fuel services. A proper plan can help prevent business losses during power cuts and natural calamities.


All businesses, from medical facilities to retail outlets, can suffer huge losses if they don’t have a backup power source for power cuts. Therefore it’s important to act wisely and invest in the best quality industrial power inverters. 

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