A significant advantage of working on sine wave inverters and other types of inverters is the task of maintaining their efficiency. Some types of electrical equipment are harder to service and quite complex in comparison. It’s no hassle to take a few screws out of the inverter and remove the housing. Below that is a small piece of equipment that’s easily placed on a tabletop or workbench so maintenance can be performed. Problems arise when the would-be repairperson has minimal or no technical understanding about the way inverters work. That presents a decision of outsource the item to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or a professional third party for repair or servicing.

Three areas to consider before making your decision are technical expertise, price, and response time. Here are some tips to help you decide who to call.

1.Technical Expertise

Inverter manufacturers are typically more familiar with the technical performance of their product than third party providers. The drawback is OEMs are more apt to specialize in their brand’s maintenance. If your company uses several brands of electricity conduction equipment, search for a third party with the ability to service all your equipment regardless of the brand.


When it comes to maintenance, third party professionals are often less expensive than OEMs. If you have a service contract with the original equipment manufacturer, or before you agree to one, read it carefully and question anything that isn’t clear. If you send an inverter covered by a service agreement to a third party provider, you may have to pay a penalty or higher fee if you bring it back for OEM maintenance.

3.Response Time

OEMs and third party providers are fairly equal in how much time it takes to respond to inverters and their maintenance needs. Sometimes it’s good; other times it’s unsatisfactory. Ask if a desired time frame, such as 24-hour turnaround, can be made a provision of your contract.

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