The battle for survival between AC and DC current was a hot topic at the end of 19th century. Thomas Edison advocated the use of direct current for supplying electrical power; Nikola Tesla encouraged the adoption of alternating current. Even though AC holds first place for supplying power nearly 12 decades later, DC is a desired result of generators and batteries. Inverters are what converts DC to AC, allowing businesses, homes, and outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their AC-powered devices regardless of where they are. A multitude of inverters are produced in U.S. factories and industries around the world. Different sizes and forms, they are built to handle the needs of millions of customers. The most important decision is getting the right equipment for your business at a fair price. The following information provides informative guidelines for that task.

Equipment Grade

Like most products, devices are designed to handle consumer needs. Selecting industrial power inverters requires a knowledge of performance specifications. In some cases, equipment certifications are necessary because they guarantee the equipment you purchase will produce the power needed. You also should be familiar with the materials used to build the equipment and which manufacturers are known for construction quality and customer satisfaction. There are three basic uses for inverters:

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

Of the three, industrial models have the heaviest capacity requirements. Load capacity is the major difference, making it necessary to choose inverters that sufficiently handle industrial applications. Likewise, residential and commercial requirements are less restrictive.

Custom Inverters

There’s a large demand for common, or stock, inverters. They are produced in mass quantity and stocked on shelves to quickly fill orders. Modular and other custom inverters may be unique enough to fit the requirements for just a few orders. That increases the price, but the specified details for build should guarantee equipment to your standards. In most cases, it is wise to work with a familiar manufacturer that you trust. They will provide the certifications needed to comply with local and industry requirements.

Exeltech manufactures both stock and custom inverters and provides essential certification. Contact us today at 800-886-4683 for additional information and ordering.