Many people are loyal to particular brands because they believe the brands are better than competing ones. We usually associate this phenomenon with popular retail products, but the same scenario applies to inverter manufacturer brands. As the four factors below demonstrate, inverters can differ from each other in several ways, depending on how an inverter manufacturer produces them.

1. Construction Grade

You’ll find inverters available in three general construction grades: industrial, commercial, and residential. Industrial grade models usually cost the most, while residential models typically cost the least. The key is to properly match the grade of equipment with the application. Using a residential inverter in an industrial environment, for example, could cause the inverter to fail prematurely.

2. Product Certifications

Product certifications can largely define how an inverter is constructed (e.g. RoHS certification) and how it performs (e.g. NEBS certification). These definitive certifications are typically found in industrial and commercial models. Because product certifications can enhance the functionality of inverters, consider whether the inverter you need would perform better if it had a particular certification.

3. Modular Design

A modular inverter manufacturer creates inverters that contain connected but independent parts. In addition to allowing the equipment to be in modified different ways, modularity brings the benefits of redundancy, scalability, power density, hot swapping capability, and much more. The product specialists at Exeltech can tell you the full range of benefits for these inverters.

4. Stock Vs. Custom

Stock products are pre-designed to meet the needs of a wide swath of end users, whereas custom inverters are designed to meet the requirements of a specific end user. Custom equipment is typically created when the search for suitable stock equipment proves futile. For example, a company may be unable to find a stock inverter that has an exceptionally high load rating.

Need a New Inverter?

If so, Exeltech is your best online destination. We are an inverter manufacturer that provides equipment suitable for use in commercial and industrial environments, equipment that comes with crucial product certifications, and equipment that features modular design. In addition, we offer inverters in both stock models and custom models, with the latter designed for a customer’s specific needs.

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